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game console repairs

Reliable games console repairs in London

Has your Xbox been damaged? For reliable games console repairs in London, get in touch with Caversham Radio Stores.

Latest equipment used for repairs

If you Xbox is not working at its best, there is no need to replace it. Caversham Radio Stores can provide you effective repairs for competitive prices. We use the latest equipment, whether the motherboard needs to be replaced, or the game console mainboard needs to be repaired. Some of the consoles we repair include PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 Slim.
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Screen replacements

Our repairs include the following:

  • Xbox repairs
  • PS3 and PS4 repairs 
  • Disc repairs
  • System repairs
  • Laser repairs for new systems
  • Screen replacements
We also provide electrical goods repairs and also sell electrical goods. 
Xbox repairs

Fully qualified technicians

The fully qualified technicians at Caversham Radio Stores have expertise in carrying out a range of games consoles repairs. Additionally, all our repair work is guaranteed. So, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the repair work is being carried out efficiently and professionally.
When your game console is in need of repairs, you need an experienced team to take care of it. At Caversham Radio Stores, we have an efficient team with years of experience in repairing games consoles. Contact a member of our team for more information. We offer our services throughout London.
Electrical Goods Repairs
Is the screen of your PS Vita damaged? For reliable games console repairs
in London, call:
020 8888 1733

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